Precision Workholding


Emuge-Franken's Clamping Technology division, with approximately 200 employees, is responsible for the product groups Tool and Workpiece Clamping. In addition to such stock items as tap holders, tapping attachments and quick-change adapters we offer a line of precision clamping tools for workpiece clamping. We are primarily a design and build supplier in this regard, so our devices are designed especially for individual customers’ applications, and are, as a consequence, highly optimised special solutions for specific production processes. In order to achieve such solutions it is strictly necessary to analyse all workpiece details inclusive of production conditions in terms of machine equipment, precision requirements, details of the production process etc., even in the first planning, or quotation stage, it is important to take every single detail into account with a close view to practical, every-day work conditions. From idea to realisation, let us take you into the fascinating world of workpiece clamping.

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