Turbine Program

Taper Ball 17.5˚

Turbine tools from Emuge are tailored specifically for the requirements of materials and component designs in the aircraft and turbine industry. In addition, these tools can be used in the die and mold industry as well.

  • Sub-micrograin carbide substrate
  • 3 flute design
  • ALCR coated options for additional tool life in titanium alloys, high tem alloys, stainless steel and aluminum alloys
  • TIALN coated options for heat and abrasion resistance in a wide range of materials
  • HA cylindrical shank design

Taper Ball 17.5˚
Part Number Description
3440.17505A R.5 3FLT 17.5˚ Taper Ball Nose - Bright
3440A.17505A R.5 3FLT 17.5˚ Taper Ball Nose TiALN
3440L.17505A R.5 3FLT 17.5˚ Taper Ball Nose - ALCR